Call to Action: Join the Mass Rally ‚Freedom not Fear‘ in Berlin! (UPDATE)

Thanks to the support of a member of American Voices Abroad Berlin there is now an English translation of our Call to Action. The text is further available in German and Esperanto. Translations in French, Spanish and other languages will be published here as soon as they’re available. Please contact us via e-mail if you have any questions regarding your participation in the demonstration or in case you’d like to offer some help!

Call to Action: Join the Mass Rally ‚Freedom not Fear‘ against surveillance to be held on August 30, 2014 at 2 p.m. at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Stop the Surveillance Mania!

Unlimited surveillance has become a reality. Snowden’s revelations are proof: the secret services and corporations are trampling on our rights with unparalleled audacity. They insinuate themselves into the most intimate corners of our private sphere. We have had enough!

People under surveillance are not free!

New surveillance laws and monitoring technologies destroy our freedom and self-determination. The ability to express opinions without fear and enjoy surveillance-free spaces of retreat is vital to democracy. It is the responsibility of all of us to defend them!

Stand up instead of sitting it out!

At present the German government is pursuing a path of stoic inaction. It is in the process of surrendering our fundamental rights – but we will not let Merkel and Co. get away with their strategy of sitting it out. We are standing up together to finally put an end to unlimited surveillance!

We want a free, democratic, open society. We want solidarity instead of mistrust. We want freedom of thought instead of self-censorship. We want more courage and involvement instead of passivity and resignation. We need freedom, not fear. We need you!

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UPDATE: Spanish is now available!